Esse Due is a Greek company operating in the areas of hemp cultivation, CBD processing, worldwide wholesale and brokerage of hemp and CBD related products.



We are focused on quality and environmental sustainability thus we exclusively grow organically.



We are committed to create an eco friendly business environment that elevates all parties involved, multiplies work positions and adds value to the sector as a whole.


Equally both our farmers and our clients are vital for our business success thus our fair trade business model includes all our associates.  We only source high quality, organically grown hemp, from carefully selective farms after having thoroughly examined both the soil and the cultivation techniques. We conduct lab analysis in every batch and every stage of the manufacturing process and we only trade products that meet the highest quality standards.



Our vision is to constantly evolve our products and services while striving for a positive impact in the market, the environment, the health industry. We are eager to participate and fund research in the segments of health, product innovation and environmental sustainability.


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